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Hey, I'm Lindsay!

I've been passionate about photography since college, where I took a film class and would spend hours in the dark room, waiting for the magic of developing film to appear before my eyes. I would carry my camera everywhere, taking photos of funny looking trees, fields blowing in the wind and cloud formations.

Since becoming a mother, my heart has pulled me towards capturing the beauty of newborn babies, and documenting them through their first year.

My own little ones (3 girls) have all grown out of the toddler phase and are becoming beautiful young ladies. I know how quickly time can pass, and I cherish the photos of my girls from when they were little babes.

Let me capture these moments and memories for you, so that you too will have something to hold on to and look back on in the years to come.

I offer digital files with all of my sessions, but feel passionately about designing fine art albums with your images. I want you to have your images in print, to pass down to future generations.

Let's create together!


More fun facts!


Working at a coffee house for 6 years through college and beyond has made me a crazy coffee fanatic. 2 shots of espresso please! Then 2 more!


I'm a big cat person (even though I'm allergic!) - my 2 cats Bagheera and Nox have been a part of our family for 12 years.


I'm always throwing out references to Friends, The Office or Parks and Rec. These are my go-to "Editing Shows" that I binge while sitting at my computer.

Cedarburg has been my home since 2012, and I love being a member of this community. While you are in Cedarburg for your session, be sure to stick around and pick up lunch, a caramel apple, or just walk around downtown! My studio is one block from the 'main drag' and let me tell you, it is straight out of a Hallmark movie!

I've lived in Wisconsin for most of my life, but my childhood was spent in southern Missouri, and I even lived in Texas for a year. You might hear a "y'all" slip out occasionally, and I tend to call people "honey" or "sweetie". I can't help it y'all it's my southern roots!